We help growing corporations source marketing agencies and consultants who are the right fit, at the right price, to help drive sales and financial goals.

We Solve Your Biggest Pain Points

In 20 years of hiring consultants and marketing partners, we have developed a set of standards to help our clients select the best marketing solutions to meet their business goals and priorities.

Selecting Priorities and Measurable Objectives

We understand the strategic and financial objectives of your business so that we can recommend solutions that are in alignment with organizational goals.

Establishing Requirements and Measures of Success

We develop objective requirements for solutions that will meet your unique business needs and then we filter those criteria against a vetted list of potential solution providers.

A Vast Network of Evolving Solutions and Capabilities

We leverage our expertise in researching and vetting a vast range of constantly evolving resources, technologies, and solutions.

I need a Marketing Consultant

You need a proven expert who can evaluate specific marketing problems and work with you on a limited basis to accomplish a specific goal such an SEO expert, designer, or writer.

I need a Marketing Agency

You need to retain strategic and execution resources of a full team of content and media resources who will continuously optimize your financial results.

I need a Marketing Vendor

You need a tactical service which you manage, to efficiently execute a project or set of tasks. These technologies, software solutions, web hosting, printing, services, merchant solutions, video, and sound production.


BraveMatters helps small to mid-sized companies select
the right marketing solutions to meet their objectives and budget constraints.
Sourcing fees are paid by marketing partners you choose to work with.

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