About BraveMatters

I have led international organizations, developed products, and helped seasoned entrepreneurs develop their succession plans and exit strategies. After more than $100 million of asset creation, the sweet spot for me and my firm is helping small to mid-sized companies who might lack the marketing expertise to align their goals and resources and to guide them to the right partners, priorities, and solutions to help them reach their financial goals.


Peter Wyro, M.B.A.
Founder, Managing Partner

Our Target Clients

We focus on small to midsized companies from startups and those in early stages of growth to companies that are starting to generate momentum or have enjoyed success without high-level marketing expertise to guide them. Our solution applies to any segment. Our team’s industry experience includes: the ecosystem of construction and industrial companies, recruiting and professional services, retail companies, wholesale product manufacturers, complex technologies, and energy. We bring our problem-solving experience in a vast range of industries, to you.

Our Value Proposition

Finding the right marketing partner requires more than a set of box-checking criteria. What I’ve found that each business, even those in the same category, are a little different and it’s important to understand their management style, tolerance for risk, and will to achieve their goals. We listen, and then diagnose, and recommend solutions that will work well with your team.

Our Organization

Our team consists of a network of seasoned marketing professionals, including consultants, and tactical experts, and experienced former CMO’s and business advisors.

Team Expertise

Executive Marketing Leadership
Brand Consulting
Business Coaching
Market Research and Analysis
Inbound Marketing Expert
Website Strategy and Management
Business Process Analysis and Design

BraveMatters helps small to mid-sized companies select
the right marketing solutions to meet their objectives and budget constraints.
Sourcing fees are paid by marketing partners you choose to work with.

BraveMatters / 3334 W. Main St. Ste 404. Norman, OK 73072 / (888) 315-5982

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