What Clients Really Want to Know About Our Process

We provide a highly valued service by helping marketing solution providers with effective customer acquisition. Instead of the overhead costs of retaining a business development force, our services can complement your sales efforts at minimal costs.

What are my costs for you to help us select marketing solution providers?

Zero. Zilch. It’s Free. You will pay nothing to use our marketing concierge services.

How does your firm make money?

The companies that we recommend pay us a small commission for introducing them to you. This fee is typically much less than their costs of acquisition or the costs of employing a business development person, so there is a mutually beneficial value proposition.

What if we are disappointed in the service we receive?

While we will always do our best to recommend the best solution for you, it’s your business. We are available to advise and to provide honest feedback about the quality of service that you are receiving; however, you are encouraged to part ways with any provider that does not meet your expectations, according to the agreed upon termination clauses between you and your provider. We can always find another provider, for free.

Do you resell services of the companies which you recommend?

If for some reason it is most cost-effective for you to purchase services directly from us, we will disclose that in advance to avoid any perceived conflicts of interest. Our goals are to recommend or provide the best value for our clients.


BraveMatters helps small to mid-sized companies select
the right marketing solutions to meet their objectives and budget constraints.
Sourcing fees are paid by marketing partners you choose to work with.

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